Intern Research Papers


Tess Cersonsky, Psychology and Psychiatry in Long-Term Care

Netana Markovitz, A Place Filled With Love, Life, and Sadness [Huntington’s Unit]

Karen (Sophie) Park, The Tune of Palliative Medicine


Rachel Chung, Growing Pains

Joseph Quintas, The Role of the Physician in the Nursing Home Health Care Team

Zoë Blake,Igniting an Ethical Dilemma: The Smoking Policy

William Tang, (In)dependence in Palliative Care


Bryana Williams, Suggestions for an Emotionally Centered Approach to End of Life Care at Terence Cardinal Cooke

Michael Jiang, Collagen and Conscience: Improving End of Life Care

Steve Kwon, A Journey into Palliative Care and Reflections on EOL/Prognosis Communication

Kerstin Nolan, Care through Communication


Rachel Schenkel, Discrete Unit Advanced Directives Study

Eileen Yung


Ashley Shaw, Proofreading the Final Chapter

Huili Zhu


Raphael Rosen, “Understanding and Improving Palliative Care at Terence Cardinal Cooke”

Tanisha Daniels, “Palliative Care at the Terence Cardinal Cooke Health Care Center”

Columbia University BIOL 3700: Independent Clinical Research course CSSR-TCC Research Projects:

Spring 2012: Ashley Shaw, Expanding the Role of Pastoral Care in Palliative and End-of-Life Care at ArchCare at Terence Cardinal Cooke

Fall 2011: Ashley Shaw



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